Switching Gears

At the end of 2012, specifically November and December, I spent my training time building a power base.  For the entire time I have skated, I have never taken the time to build specific muscle mass for the sport.  This is a valuable aspect of skating, and, for anyone looking to train seriously for speed, should be a component of the training regime.  For me, having never done this kind of training, I took 8 weeks to focus on building a power base.  Coming into a fast approaching marathon season, starting in March with the Metrodome Marathon, spending most of the off season not working on cardio fitness may have been a mistake.  However, early on, I can already see gains in my power output.  Now it is a matter of catching up on the cardio side.

I spoke to a friend of mine to get an idea for what would work for weight training.  He suggested a 4 day a week plan, that I won’t go into here, but I do want to share some of the exercises so that anyone reading this blog can build them into a routine.  This is just a list with links to examples on YouTube.  These exercises have given me a lot of additional functional power:

Romanian Dead Lifts
Curtsy Squats
Hack Squats
Hamstring Curl (w/ Dumbbells)
Split Leg Squats or Speed Skater Squats
Poliquin Step-Ups

At this point, looking at my goals for the upcoming race season, I seriously need to get back to cardio.  As a result, I am switching gears for the month of January, going to back to a skate oriented focus with a little weight lifting thrown in.  I need to work on my endurance base, which means a lot of long work outs with a heart rate right around, but under, my anaerobic threshold (AT).  I am basing a lot of what I am doing on Barry Publow’s book, Speed on Skates.  I have gotten the bike and trainer back out and am going back to a couple of long work outs per week.  I am also incorporating some dryland days, slideboard, and plyos.  In February, things will change up again, with fewer weight work outs, a lot more intervals/plyos, and long endurance oriented work outs.  The driving goal here is a sub-90 minute finish for the Metrodome Marathon.  I will update, probably with some video, in the near future.


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