More Slide Board…

It’s like more cow bell, but not.  Since training is limited here, the best option I have for skate specific training is the slide board.  I spent a lot of time on the slide board in January and February.  So much so that the slide board is now breaking.  I contacted the manufacturer about the problem, whereupon he informed me that the slide board was not made for powerful speed skaters.  One of the ends has a small tear in the sliding surface and the bumper on the same side has torn and is starting to separate from the board.  As a result, I am investigating a replacement.

The video shows some improvement in my body position on the board.  Notably, my nose, knees, and toes are in good alignment as I glide from one side of the board to the other.  I have been working on this element a lot, and my balance is getting much better while on the board, resulting in the better body position.  I need to get lower in the seated position, though, and I could stand to work more on weight transfer and my recovery foot movement also.  Since the board is starting to fail, I have to put 50 pounds of weight on the end that is starting to break.  I have also taken to lubricating the board with furniture polish.  I want to look into getting some other spray on lubricant that is supposed to work as well or better than the furniture polish.  Hopefully, we will see spring soon, and I won’t have to replace the board until later this year.  Otherwise, I will post the results of the search for a replacement.  I am also going to be working on a side by side video to better demonstrate the differences in technique on the board thus far.  As always, more to follow.


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