No Race to Report…

I signed up for the Roll for the Roses 10k which was supposed to take place on June 20.  Ok, I know I am late, but but but… I have nothing but excuses.

Anyway, frustratingly, there isn’t anything to report.  We got to the race only to find out that it was cancelled.  This is abnormal for inline races because they usually run rain or shine.  However, there was a good reason.  The night before, a very large group of thunderstorms  (I have previously commented on our strange weather this year) blew through the Twin Cities, taking down trees and knocking out power.  In Roseville, it took down power lines along the racecourse for the Roll for the Roses 10k.  As a result, the race didn’t go.  I was frustrated because I had spent the prior week preparing specifically for the 10k distance, and then tapered down prior to the race.  It wasn’t a normal taper, as I still pushed the pace the first couple of days of the week prior to the race, but I took two days off, and felt good about racing, even if I was going to be racing in the rain.

So, we made the trip, only to pick up the t-shirt, which was nice actually, and then headed to Ikea and to visit family in the area.  At least the day wasn’t totally wasted.  When we got back, my father, who was visiting for the weekend, and I went out for a bike ride/skate.  Nothing blistering, but we did get caught in the rain.  All in all, I got to skate over 6 miles, and I got rained on, accomplishing just about everything I would have done if the race went forward in the rain.  Now, I am looking toward the Chicagoland in two weeks.


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