My name is Andrew, and I live and work in Chicago, Illinois. I recently picked up Inline skating again after a 3 year hiatus. Before that, I was a fitness skater, after investing in a pair of K2 Radical 90 skates in 2006. I started as a recreation skater in my early teens, eventually transitioned to aggressive skating, which I stuck with for my teens and early 20’s.

However, the prospect of getting older and having a family of my own suggested prudence was the better route, and so I found myself as a recreation skater once again in 2006. Since picking my skates up again in 2011, the need for that adrenaline rush came back, and I have moved from being a pure recreational skater to focusing on Inline speed skating.

The Inline Paceline serves to log my transition and growth as a speed skater, though I am sure my other interests in skating will filter in and out on occasion.


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  • Nathan

    have a design question about your opinion on building a shelf based on the type of bucket holder rack you have for your barbells and making a pipe holding a shelf that causes it to be a just adjustable when you lift the shelf just like you would a lifting a barbell on your two racks that you have in the buckets if you would like to help

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