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New Video and the Taper Week

Last weekend, we got some really hot weather.  I guess it would be out of character for this part of the country, but I haven’t lived here long enough to credibly make that statement.  Temperatures last Saturday were in the high-80’s and the humidity was particularly high.  I helped a friend move, but still wanted to get a skate in.  Usually we do 20+ mile skates on Saturdays.  everyone else went earlier in the day, and based on the heat, I opted to get in a 10 mile skate Saturday evening.  It was still hot, but not unbearable.  Sunday, though, it was a little bit nicer, so I took advantage of the cooler temps to get another 10 miles in before starting my taper week before the Northshore Inline Marathon this coming weekend.  It was still a little more humid than I would have liked, but there wasn’t much wind.  At this point, I was still skating on my training set-up, with my now well worn Bont G4 Mint Green 85a wheels and Bont ABEC 7 bearings that desperately need servicing.  My average pace has been steadily creeping up.  I haven’t worked on this as much as I should be, and this will be a focus as I move into the off-season and contemplate a training plan for next year.  This outing ended with a pretty good 15.7 mile per hour average over 10 miles.  There is a new gauge that tracks this just above the date and time stamp at the bottom of the gauge cluster.  I shot video of this trip as a gear test for the race this weekend.  The video follows:

Training during a taper week always feels like a no-no.  However, I feel like you have to do something to keep moving or lose all of the progress that has been made since the start of the season.  It is an odd feeling to be sure, because, at this point, I should be in the best shape of the season.  I think my race times this year have been somewhat contradictory to that point, as Chicagoland was quite a bit slower than Roller-Dome, and the pace I managed at the Minnesota Half was beyond what I hoped to do after Chicagoland.  Regardless, in the vein of thinking it is good to keep moving, even during a rest week, I skated last night.  It was a quick 8 miles, partly to break in the cleaned bearings and get back on race wheels.  The Adam’s Swiss I have been using still do very well when clean and lubricated with Bones Speed Cream and Gun Oil, and don’t seem to be showing their age as much as I expect.  I am considering going back to Twin Cam ILQ bearings in my next switch, though, and lubricating them with Twin Cam T-Gel because I am very familiar with how durable those bearings are and they are very consistent in capability.  The average pace for the skate yesterday was only 15 miles per hour, but I wasn’t looking to push the pace more than necessary to make sure I am recovered for the race on Saturday.  I don’t know whether I will work out tonight, but if I do, it will be some light cycling just to keep the blood flowing in my legs.  Either way, I am looking forward to the race this weekend.  I should have video and a race report next week.


Training Update

At this point, it is 10 days to the Northshore Inline Marathon.  I don’t know how to feel going into this race.  My training has been hit or miss lately, but what I do get in focuses on speed.  Labor day weekend, I put in some decent miles Friday, 20 miles Saturday, took Sunday off, and put in another 22 miles on Monday.  All told, it was 50 miles for the long weekend.  It felt good to be on skates that much.  I have been adjusting my boots some, as the navicular bone on my left foot has been causing problems and my forefoot still feels smashed in the front of the boot.  I also adjusted my frames.  The adjusted the frames, also, because I noticed I wasn’t landing on top of my wheels when recovering during the push when I was tired.  The frame placement has helped me skate better overall, not just when I am tired.

My average speeds have been steadily increasing.  Last night, I went out for a tempo skate.  My tempos had previously been smashing my goal of a 15 mile per hour average speed.  It wasn’t really pushing me.  I upped the pace to 16 miles per hour, and that was quite a bit more difficult.  This is the kind of tempo skating I should have been doing in June.  I know better now going into the off-season as I start thinking about next year.  It felt good to skate hard like that.  I am hoping to skate intervals tonight, schedule permitting.

While I haven’t been struggling with injury, this life transition has taken its toll mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Skating is where I find peace in the craziness.  I am looking forward to the race next weekend, but with trepidation at the end of the season, racing a course I haven’t been on in two years, and being in a wave that may be too fast for my ability.  Ami the Writer summed it up in her post yesterday.  Now is the final push, though.  The taper really starts Monday after at least one long skate this weekend.  Then the bike Tuesday, a skate Wednesday, rest Thursday, travel Friday, leading up to the race Saturday morning.

I hope the weather holds